Delivery and Removal of Fill Dirt for North Jersey, Rockland County, and Orange County

Fill dirt is exactly what it sounds like – dirt that is used for the purpose of filling up large holes in the ground. Fill dirt is typically made up of subsoil which is the layer of dirt beneath topsoil. Unlike topsoil, subsoil does not have much organic matter and that makes it ideal for filling depressions in the ground because organic matter tends to decompose and cause pockets of air in the ground. Since fill dirt is commonly used for foundation support or leveling purposes, it’s important for it to be densely packed and not have an empty space develop from the decomposition of organic matter.

We offer various types; compactible, screened, clay, sandy, loamy, common, etc. Our fill dirt has been commonly used for backfill and raising elevation purposes. It’s also been used to support roadways and keep the ground alongside the roadways level with the roadway itself.

Fill Dirt 1 AGS
Fill Dirt AGS Materials & Supply

We have 20 years of experience providing reliable fill dirt for both commercial and residential properties. We work with engineers, landscapers, and/or constructors on site to ensure that our delivery occurs at a convenient time and is ready for use.

We don’t just deliver fill dirt, we have the capability to remove as much dirt as you would prefer off your site. We understand that the the delivery and removal of such material is a costly aspect of the project that requires it and this is why we have some of the lowest rates in the area. We believe in building long term business relationships and respect that everyone is working with a limited budget.