Delivery of Bulk Rock Salt for Passaic County, Bergen County, Rockland County, and Orange County

We have an unlimited supply of DOT-Approved Bulk Rock Salt which we have two decades of experience delivering to municipalities, private snow-removal contractors and commercial companies, schools, hospitals, churches as well as home owners.

Since the freezing point of salt water is less than that of regular water, the application of it to roadways and pathways helps to melt the ice. Rock salt has done wonders for the safety of road travel during the winter months. According to Weather.com applying rock salt to roads reduces car crashes and injuries by over 80%! This makes us even more proud to be one of the top trusted sources for bulk rock salt delivery in New Jersey and New York.

Snow and Ice Removal AGS Materials & Supply

Our bulk rock salt is environmentally friendly and ready to get the job done. Our product is approved by the Department of Transportation standards which makes it both a reliable and safe choice for municipalities and business owners alike.

Whether you’re looking to purchase / deliver the bulk rock salt prior to the snow season, during peak winter times, or looking to stock up on some after the snow season, we’re ready all year to accommodate your needs.