The AGS Materials & Supply Family

Setting the Standard for Trucking Excellence and Exceeding Customer's Expectations

AGS Materials & Supply Family

Two decades ago we formed a loyal, passionate team of experts with a diversified skillset and set out to make a footprint in the trucking service space in North Jersey and New York. As our client base grew, our services became more specialized and sought after, and we rapidly earned a reputation as one of the top companies in the area. As we expanded the company, we had it a top priority to have the core of our trucking company to be friendly, dedicated professionals who will work around the clock to ensure optimal results for our clients.

We’re a family owned business. We’re not all related by blood, but it’s those who prove their loyalty through effort and trust that we’re happy to bring on board and help polish them into trucking service professionals. We love the AGS Materials & Supply family and are very committed to continue to provide excellent service, and we only work with those who show the same commitment so that our clients can experience worry-free service with top notch results.

You can have the right equipment, the right trucks, a large supply, but if you don’t have the right people behind it; it simply does not work. We make a promise to our loyal customers in North Jersey, Rockland County, and Orange County that we will not become complacent with our success and continue to strive for excellence as we have been doing from day one!

We continue to be dedicated to our clients. We continue to be the hardest working trucking crew out there. We keep our equipment and know-how up-to-date so that we remain highly qualified and experienced. We are AGS Materials & Supply LLC! Let’s work together to take your project goals to the next level…get in touch with us today.