DOT-Approved RCA Delivery

Delivery of Department of Transportation Approved Recycled Concrete Aggregate

RCA stands for Recycled Concrete Aggregate and is becoming a very popular choice for construction projects. The nice thing about RCA is that it is environmentally-friendly because it is made from previous projects that were either broken down and not needed anymore. Rather than have the old concrete laying around a landfill somewhere, the concrete is used to create RCA to be used for new projects.

The RCA we sell and deliver is always approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). RCA consists of sand and stone and we take all the steps necessary to ensure that the gradation requirements for New York ad New Jersey are met.

When someone hears the word ‘recycled’ they may think of it as a second-hand or used product and may think it is inferior. This is not the case with DOT-approved RCA because it is carefully screened to ensure it is a high quality, pure concrete product and is safe to use for your desired construction project in need of a concrete construction project.

RCA is commonly used as a base material for patios, roads, embankments, general bulk fill, and other masonry-type projects. Our reliable RCA product has many advantages. It is cost-effective, durable, and will be delivered on time. Whether you’re a general contractor, large construction business, or masonry laborer in need of material, we’re here to discuss all your DOT-approved RCA needs.